Take Action!

In our silence we allow these abuses to continue in our
own backyard. Raise your voice!!

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A commitment by a critical number of people in our community will multiply the impact of all of our efforts.  Roughly each week we will ask you to take a short 5-10 minute action such as signing a petition or making a phone call.  Once a month, we all give roughly an hour of our time to a more significant action, like attending the vigil for Sam Harrell or helping hand out flyers.

We have a core group of people who meet weekly.  If you might be interested in getting involved in our organizing meetings, please email us.


Thank you for joining us!  Here are two short actions you can take right now!

SIGN The Family’s Petition Demanding Justice For Sam

Join Sam Harrell’s sister Cerissa Harrell, widow Diane Harrell, and the Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Coalition (HV BLM) by signing their petition demanding that Dutchess County DA Bill Grady file homicide charges against all officers involved in his murder.  Multiply your impact by sharing this with others on Facebook!

SHARE ON FACEBOOK – Five Things Everyone Should Know

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PLEASE SHARE and SIGN! http://tinyurl.com/harrellpetition

1 – Harrell was handcuffed and then BEATEN TO DEATH in the Fishkill prison by up to 20 corrections officers, some yelling racial slurs at him. That was on April 21. He was 30-years old.

2 – Nearly six months later, the COs who beat Samuel to death have not been charged by the Dutchess County DA or faced any consequences. They are STILL ON ACTIVE DUTY and continue to have opportunities to abuse their power over inmates every day.

3 – By comparison, two weeks after Samuel’s murder, less than a mile away, a Beacon police officer shot and killed a white man who stole a car at knifepoint and came at the officer with the knife. The officer involved was IMMEDIATELY PLACED ON PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE and quickly brought before a grand jury by the Dutchess County DA.

4 – In Samuel’s case there was no danger to the COs. Samuel was beaten and then thrown down a flight of stairs while handcuffed. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE despite the 19 signed affidavits from eye witnesses describing these events.

5 – With this single brutal act, those COs showed greater disregard for the law and proved MORE DANGEROUS than a good portion of the inmates in that prison, notably the third who are incarcerated for non-violent offenses, including Samuel himself who was serving eight years on a drug charge.

SIGN the Harrell family’s petition urging the DA to take immediate action. http://tinyurl.com/harrellpetition


Our silence feeds these abuses.  Our voices can end them.